Association of Voluntary Actions for Society (AVAS)

Association of Voluntary Actions for Society (AVAS)

Association of Voluntary Actions for Society (AVAS) has been incepted in 1998 by its present Executive Director Rahima Sultana Kazal. The organization has been formed as a community based non-profitable, non-political and non government voluntary organization. It is registered with Social Welfare Directorate, NGO Bureau and Women Affairs Bureau. Though initially, was set up to ensure women’s right & leadership, at present is conducting the activities like women empowerment & leadership, safe water supply & sanitation, preserving rights for women and children, legal aid support and education, literacy education for the underprivileged, reproductive health education for the adolescents, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, preserving civic and human rights,  combating violence against women and children etc. All the activities are conducted according to its approved Constitution. The organization is accountable to its stakeholders, community people and Executive Committee.

With the pace of time, AVAS is also looking forward for an even better tomorrow both for itself and its community people.


Balance environment and a universal right-based society

Mission Statement

People participatory, poverty free, impartial & responsible governance, environment friendly livelihood, where children and women rights are ensured and people can exercise the basic human rights.


egal Entity:

Department of Social Welfare:

Registration No: Bari 514/98; Date: 01.06.1998

NGO Affairs Bureau:                                     

Registration No: 1600/2000, Date: 17.12.2000

Woman Affairs Bureau:

Registration No: Bari 360/03’

Date: 06.05.2003

Jubo Unnayan Adhidaptor:

Registration No: JUA/Bari 149 Sadar; Date: 22.06.2005


Other Registration:

PADOR Registration No. BD-2010-EKV-0706966951 Date: 08.06.10




AVAS Bhaban, Amir Kutir Lane,

Alekanda, Barisal-8200. Bangladesh,

Phone: 88-0431-2173131; 88-0431-2176170







Be with us, we are with the people...